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Digimaster 3

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Digimaster 3

Note: Our Digimaster 3 can be always updated online. No time limit.

Digimaster 3 also is called Digimaster III or shortly D3 is new developed odometer correction master. It works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction,Audio decoding,airbag reset,ECU programming,IMMO,Key programming for Benz BMW etc

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Digimaster 3 Function

1. Support OBD-II interface odometer adjustment of Volkswagen, Audi, Benz, BMW and BMW 7 Series models: E65 CAS and the 2009 Audi A6L and Q7.
2. Read BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3 data by CAN interface.
3. Online reading BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3/ 3+/ 4, Mercedes-Benz EIS EEPROM and FLASH data by BDM.
4. Support the Mercedes-Benz S, C, E, odometer and EIS adjustment; Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and other European luxury cars odometer adjustment; Chinese domestic car MCU and engineering machinery odometer adjustment;
5. Support the MOTOROLA/FREESCALE series CPU (including some CPU flash) data read and write.
6. Support key programming for Mercedes Benz and BMW series cars.

Odometer correction
vehicle including cars from European, American, Japanese and Korea. Detail list as follows:
Alfa Cadillac Daihatsu Aston Martin Chrysler Honda Audi Ford Hyundai Bentley GM ISUZU BMW Lincoln KIA Benz Lexus Citroen Mazda FIAT Mitsubishi Ferrari Nissan Jaguar Proton Lamborghini SSangYong
Lancia Subaru Lotus SUZUKI Man Toyota Opel peugeot Porsche
Renault Rover Saab Skoda Volvo Volkswagen Wiesmann
Truck Forkman Maserati
Othe vehicle Motorcycle Truck 

Airbag Resetting

Peugeot Citroen Audi

Key Programming
BMW Benz

Digimaster 3 Compatible Vehicles

See Digimaster 3 support car list PDF below

Package List:

1.OBD Socket
Volkswagen/Audi/Mercedes-Benz/BMW adjust form Diagnostic socket
2.NEC Adapter
Applicable to CPU free switch connecting of NEC series.
3.35080 V6 Adapter
For 35080 series IC erasing and writing
Applicable to process of some Audi A6L & A8L.and VW

5.LS400 Adapter
Applicable to odometer IC(457C) of LexusLS400(1992-1994)
6.W211 Adapter
Applicable to process of EIS ECU module for Benz E Class W221(2002-2005)
7.BMW-CAN Adapter
Applicable to process of CAS ECU module (odometer socket)for BMW 3/5/7 series
E90/E60/E66(after 2005)
8.CAS-BDM programmer
Applicable to process CAS1CAS2CAS3CAS4 ECU module (DG128/256/512)for
BMW 3/5/7 series
9.AZ60_F Adapter
Quickly read and write EIS ECU of Benz

1).MOTOROLA key chio;
2).E Class W210 ESL(05E6/G72A);
3).E Class W211 ESL(05E6/0F82B);
4).CLK Class W208 ESL(05E6/G72A);
5).CLK Class W209 ESL(05E6/0F82B);
6).CLS Class W219 ESL(05E6/0F82B);
7).C Class W202 ESL(05E6/G72A);
8).C Class W203 ESL(05E6/0F82B);

11.29F Adapter
Old Mercedes Benz DME 29F400 and 29F800 Chip
12.Meter Socket
Adjust Benz BMWJaguarFord meter from meter socket
Applicable to anti-theft reading for old Jetta, audio decoding for Deco and Opel.
14.K&CAN Adapter
1).Applicable to airbag resetting via K-Cable
2).CAS module programming for BMW.

15.9S12 Adapter
Applicable to CAS ECU module programming for BMW 3/5/7 series of electronic
chassis E90/E60/E66 (after 2005), and EIS ECU module programming for
Mercedes-Benz S/E/C class of electronic chassis W220/W211/W203(after 2005)
16.Grand Cherokee Adapter
Applicable to odometer CPU of Grand Cherokee
17.E65/E66 Adapter
Applicable to process of CAS ECU module for BMW 7 series E65/E66(2002-2004)
18.W220/W203 Adapter
Applicable to EIS ECU module programming of Mercedes-Benz C/S class
electronic chassis W220/W203/W215/R230
19.MC711 Adapter
Old BMW EWS2(2D47J,0D46J) / EWS3 2D47J,0D46J)

20.MC705 Adapter
1).S Class W140 DAS IMMO ECU 05X32(0D69J)
2).S Class W140 DAS IMMO ECU 05X32(0D53J/0D62J)
3).S Class W220 EIS ignition module 05X32(1D69J)
4).CLK Class W208 EIS ignition module 05X32(1D69J)
5).C Class W202 EIS ignition module 05X32(1D69J)
6).E Class W210 EIS ignition module 05X32(1D69J)
7).ML Class W163 AAM 05X32(G47V/1D69J )
21.EWS-K Adapter
adjust EWS through K line
22.MC705E6 Adapter
MOTOROLA key chip
23.IAR Adapter
Write Benz key

24.NXP Adapter
BMW key chip and key:7936 7941 7942 7943 7944 7945 7946 7947 7952 7961
25.NEC KEY Adapter
Mercedes Benz S, C, E, SL, CL, CLK and CLS Class Key
26.OBP Adapter
Applicable to EEPROM meter, airbag ECU, audio ECU which need to be unsoldered.
27.ICP Adapter
Applicable to free stitches of 93 series, 25 series, 35080 EEPROM, CPU meter,airbag ECU, audio, ECU, etc.

Digimaster 3 Software Download

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