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Diagprog 3

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Diagprog 3

Our Diagprog 3 are the Diagprog official original Tool. Made in Poland.

Diagprog 3 universal mileage correction and programming tool is a very popular and well known by the technicians all over the world. Diagprog 3 is used by a lot of vehicle maintenance professionals as a main tool to change and correct mileage state on many different vehicles. Diagprog 3 main advantage is design that allows to program mileage on most vehicles by diagnostic socket (OBD). There are cars that will require to disassemble dashboard or other parts and do some dirty soldering work to get the result (some car requires such operations due to specific technical solutions made by vehicle manufacturers) but anyway most of vehicles can be programmed through OBD diagnostic socket.

Digiprog 3 - the ultimate speedo correction and adjustment tool, available for more new Vehicles.
Carprog - universal tool for car radios, odometers, dashboards, immobilizers programmer, key transponder programmer and other.

List of all vehicle manufacturer in Full VERSION Diagprog 3:
More info check the Diagprog 3 supported car models PDF below
·HONDA / car
·HONDA / motorcycle
·SUZUKI / car
·SUZUKI / motorcycle

Further characteristic features are:
Programming of control devices
Service Interval of programming and adjustment
Assyst and DTC - processing
Error memories select and erase
EPROM Programmer function
Integrated PC communication
Updates via Internet
Selftest functions
External interface test
Extended interface test
Screentest / Touchscreen test
MMC card test
Test flashmemory

Diagprog 3 Softwar Download

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