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Chrysler StarSCAN

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  • Model: Chrysler diagnostic tool
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Chrysler Starscan

Category: Chrysler Diagnostic Tool

The StarSCAN diagnostic tool, is the foundation of Chrysler Group vehicle service diagnostics. 
All Can Vehicles from 2004 to Present - Do them All!
Engine, Transmission, Body, Chassis, Anti-Lock, Passive Restraint, Theft. 
Any System the dealer can do you will be able to do! 
No more dealer trips!

Chrysler Starscan Function

Read & Clear Codes, Check Sensor Values, Check Inputs and Outputs.
Perform Actuator Tests, Monitors Status!
View Freeze Frame Data, Misfire Monitors and OBDII Data!
PID Data View, Record, Save, Playback all included!

Color LCD display (enhanced optics for sunlight readability)
Faster vehicle scan, completes the task in seconds rather than minutes
Battery powered
Data display utilizes graphical presentation
Touch screen is the primary interaction
Data recording is self-contained
128 Mb RAM
The glove is integrated with the tool

Package List
1.Startscan main unit
2.One power supply
3.One cable
4.On air fliter
5.One user instruction
6.One net cable 
7.One software update package

The StarSCAN is not a replacement for the DRB III®.
StarSCAN supports the CAN vehicle protocol.
Plus 1 cd with reflash files included.
Back up card.

Chrysler Starscan Software Download

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