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Vivid Workshop

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1.It is based on Vivid"s technical database
2.the most extensive repertory of car data in Europe.

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Product Description:
WorkshopData ATI is our new information product available on CD and DVD. It is based on Vivid"s technical database, the most extensive repertory of car data in Europe.
Vivid WorkshopData provides technical information on cars and light commercial vehicles, e.g. essential maintenance and repair information, adjustment data, technical drawings and engine management data.
Extra modules are: Wiring diagrams (comfort electronics) and Repair Times. Its content is second to none.

Vivid Workshop Feature

At this moment Vivid WorkshopData offers:
Almost 6,500 engine types;
Over 45,000 technical drawings;
Over 5,600 engine management systems;
Thousands of wiring diagrams;
Millions of specified repair times;
And much more…

Vivid WorkshopData ATI

The first version of Vivid WorkshopData - WorkshopCD - was launched in 1996. Although it contained only a limited number of makes and models, the introduction of an electronic database developed specifically for independent workshops marked a fundamental departure from the traditional workshop manual.

Since then, Vivid WorkshopData has become the leading automotive database in the automotive market on CD, DVD and online.

What makes Vivid WorkshopData so special?

The quality and quantity of (electronic) data included in WorkshopData ATI is unrivalled.

* The data is based solely on original OEM data.
* It offers the best price/quality ratio.
* Coverage of all current cars on the European market.
* It connects easily with other databases, providing unlimited opportunities for data exchange.
* We offer web services for all our data modules including links to Generic sparte part numbers.

What do we offer

* Almost 7,000 engine types;
* Over 50,000 technical drawings;
* Over 6,000 engine management systems;
* Thousands of wiring diagrams;
* Millions of specified repair times;
* And much more

The data
WorkshopData's Main Groups:

* Standardised manufacturers' information
* Engine-code specific information
* Service indicator reset
* Timing belt renewal periods
* Maintenance times
* Maintenance jobs linked to Generic Article numbers


* Engine-code specific information
* Adjustment data inclusive V-Belt drawings
* Repair manuals on:
* Timing belt renewal
* Cylinder-head removal
* Engine removal
* Lubricants and fluids
* Motor management including:
o Wiring diagrams
o Component data
o Component location
o Diagnostics
o Scope images
o EOBD functionality
* Technical drawings
* Extra information when needed
* Repair times *


* Adjustment data
* Lubricants and fluids
* Technical drawings
* Repair manuals:
o Gearbox removal
o Automatic transmission
* Repair times *

Steering and suspension

* Adjustment data
* Technical drawings
* Lubricants and fluids
* Repair times *

Interior / Exterior

* Adjustment data
* Air-conditioning information:
o Wiring diagrams
o Capacities
* Wiring diagrams on comfort electronics:
o Electrical-window operation
o Electrical mirror operation
o Seat heating
o Sound systems
* Repair manuals:
o Bumper removal
o Front and rear wing removal
o Interior parts removal
o Airbag renewal
* Repair times *


* Adjustment data
* ABS information:
o Wiring diagrams
o Component information
o Component location
o Component testing
* Repair manuals:
o ABS mechanical
o System bleeding (if needed)
* Lubricants and fluids
* Technical drawings
* Repair times *


* Engine management
* Fuses and relays
* Comfort wiring diagrams
* Diagnostics 

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